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22nd July 2024 
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About me

I am a passionate Yoga teacher, Holistic therapist, and teacher who has been practicing since 2000 in Chelsea, Bayswater, Central London, South West London, Barcelona, and Italy.
Member of Ctha and ITEC, level 3 Massage and Reflexology tutor at Affable Therapy Training

I specialized in Reflexology in London in 2000 and Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD-CDT Vodder)in Austria in 2011 and I am also trained in Holistic/Swedish massage, Deep tissue and Warm bamboo massage, Reiki, Baby massage, and Thai Yoga.

I qualified as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher in 2017 at YogaLondon
I now mainly focus on combining pranayama ( breathing techniques), meditation((inner connection), and asanas (postures), creating space for people to connect with their unique guidance.
My clients are from different backgrounds and have different physical abilities and lifestyles.

My mission is not to have you walking with your hands or putting your feet behind the neck but to keep you supple, flexible, alert, joyful, and better equipped for dealing with what life throws at you.

I like the feeling that it is created when practicing in a group because it keeps us all more committed, even if online. Total Magic!!

I believe in the power of laughter and of not taking anything too seriously, especially ourselves so the occasional joke is allowed.

My approach is holistic so I take account of factors such as emotions, lifestyle, and diet and I can combine my therapies to obtain the best results.

My job is my passion and my hobby.
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius.
Life is too precious.

I used to receive regular massage and reflexology from a friend, due to my regular really bad back pain, and I realized how amazing it was to be able to make people so happy, and relaxed, and be your boss.
I started my first massage course in the last century😉 in1999, followed by Reflexology, Thai massage, Reiki, Baby massage, Manual lymph drainage, and Bamboo massage.

I started teaching Holistic Massage and Reflexology introductory courses in 2001 at the Citylit Adult Education College in central London and went into teaching ITEC level 3 diplomas in 2011 when I also became the main Reflexology tutor at Affable Therapy training center in London.

I worked as an MLD, Manual Lymphatic Drainage specialist, at the Lymphedema Clinic of The Royal Marsden in London and Sutton and as a Lymphedema specialist at Maggie's North London.
I still offer my collaboration to both clinics when I am in London.

After living in London for 23 years I moved to sunny and artistic Barcelona in 2018. I moved back to live in my hometown in Italy, Asti. during the pandemic and I am now back in London.

I kept sane by starting to teach online. I started a yoga group and I then went on to create short courses and workshops for self-care see details and a 9-month program for the Silver & Spicy. Women over 40 who want to connect to their  joy, sparkle, energy, direction, and purpose. (Empty nest syndrome, menopause, retirement, breakup /. see details

I always end up sharing what brings joy, health, and self-love to my life.

I speak English Parlo italiano Hablo espanol Je parle francais