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22nd April 2021 

My Yoga offerings

Be Fun Be Love Be Yoga

Up coming event 4 week online course May 2021


Self-love, laughter, and Healing Journey
You will taste the different aspects of Yoga and experience their power.

•Release mind and body tension.
•Find balance and joy in your life.
•Reclaim intimacy with yourself.
•Experience the magic of a daily, fun, and personalized routine.
•Learn Self-care Reflexology.
•Reawaken your dreams!
•Sacred women's circle for support and accountability.

You will discoverthe applications and benefits of:
Yoga- Mantras -Mudras- Meditation- Pranayama- Journaling- Reflexology and natural beauty tips.

This is a great and fun way to discover the impact that Yoga can have on your life when practiced regularly. You can start with 7 minutes a day and you will do so with the support of a group of like-minded people.

This program is focused on Self-love and Self-care and it includes:

*One weekly live 75' Zoom session

You will learn and practice tools, tips, and practices to help you make the small and lasting changes that will bring you more joy, focus, and a lightness of body and mind.
You will create an empowering daily routine that suits your lifestyle and will allow you the space to reconnect to your dreams and priorities.
You will experience more balance in your life.
There is power in doing this with the support of a group of like-minded, passionate, and fun-loving women.

*Private Facebook page where you share your questions, celebrations, tips, and support each other on this joyful journey together. This is also where I post the regular quotes and videos and where you can reach me.

*1 weekly video training


When and where?

10 - 31 May 2021 weekly ONLINE EVENT

Mondays 7.30 pm CET --6.30 pm GMT-- 1.30 pm EST --11.30 am MT

Contact me for more info or bookings.

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Be Fun Be Love Be Yoga

ONGOING Online group classes
I teach a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes live and online, in groups and 1:1.
I often include pranayama, short meditations, mantras, and mudras.

Tuesdays 7 am GMT, 8 am CET
A gentle reawakening of body and mind with asanas and meditation. You will feel focused and relaxed, ready to face your day with a smile.

Thursdays 5.30pm GMT, 6.30pm CET, 12.30pm EST and 10.30am MT
A slow, gentle class aimed at releasing body and mind tension and preparing you for a good night's sleep.

Saturdays10 am GMT, 11 am CET
A more dynamic class aimed at clearing the build-up of tensions of the week and set you in a weekend celebratory mood.

My clients are from different backgrounds and have different physical abilities and lifestyles.

My mission is not to have you walking with your hands or putting your feet behind the neck but to keep you supple, flexible, alert, joyful, and better equipped for dealing with what life throws at you.

I like the feeling that it is created when practicing in a group because it keeps us all more committed, even if online. Total Magic!!

I believe in the power of laughter and of not taking anything too seriously, especially ourselves so the occasional joke is allowed.

6, 9 and12 months bespoke online courses for committed students who want to dive deep into the practices of yoga and are looking for a lasting transformation.
This is tailor-made to your own personal needs, so I support you on the journey you choose. It is online so we can meet even when traveling.

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