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20th September 2020 


"Throughout the seven sessions I had with Patricia, she demonstrated
remarkable skills, which helped ease pain and inflammation following my surgery. Her professionalism was
shown at all times, not only throughout her outstanding ability to
alleviate soreness and discomfort, but also by imparting valuable knowledge
on how to expedite recovery.
I eagerly give my endorsement of Patricia's skills and professionalism and
highly recommend her for any endeavour she chooses to pursue.
Vanessa Medina, London

I suffered very badly with swelling during my pregnancy. Having tried just about everything, the only thing that really helped was MLD treatments weekly from Pat. I noticed an instant difference and found the treatments extremely relaxing! Would and have recommended her to many!" India Standing, London

Pat is warm, personable and engaged in her course, dedicating time to theory preparation as well as hands-on planning. She cares about her students and gives them personal attention and support. Pat has been inspirational and 6 years on since she trained me, I still remember and apply some of her pearls of wisdom, all done in good humour. I would recommend training with such an authentic teacher who will make you feel comfortable from the onset. Ariana Torti, UK

"Every week for more than 6 months, Patrizia has been my chosen massage therapist. I suffer from migraine and severe tension headaches but every time I leave Patrizia, I feel like a new person. Not only is she professional, but she also ensures you feel completely comfortable and relaxed in her hands. Furthermore, Patrizia has the ability to fit her massage to the individual's needs. I have already recommended Patrizia to several people and would not hesitate to do so again." Nana Worsaae , London

"Patricia literally melts any tension away within an hours session. I have been lucky enough to have had treatments with her for a decade and I always feel better for having seen her"
Leo Bamford, London

"Pat is a wonderful teacher, very professional and friendly. She makes the learning process as easy as it can be, and guides her students through any challenges. She is a friendly personality and clearly takes pride in what she does. I felt supported and encouraged on the course. Her feedback was always constructive, honest and helpful. I highly recommend her as a teacher. " G. Katerina, Zurich (office massage business, in Zurich, offering Chair Massages and Reflexology. see details

I took the Reflexology course in 2017.
Pat was my teacher, l really enjoyed the way Pat presented the theory and practical understanding of Reflexology.
It was clear and detailed. I passed and felt satisfied, as I am now able to give my family and friends treatments with results.
Thanks to Pat for her patience in demonstrating and ensuring that we perfected the technique of being effective Reflexologists.
I would recommend anyone of taking up this beautiful and beneficial way of aiding the body to work better by stimulating the reflexes on our feet and hands and improving wellbeing.
Thanks Pat. J.C.Osman London

Patrizia Micca taught me ITEC level 3 Reflexology in the UK....she is the most wonderful, amazing, supportive tutor and so very knowledgeable. I love my reflexology journey and cannot recommend Pat enough...go for it!!! 😇😍 Keily Potter UK/Australia

I studied my ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy at Affable Therapy where Patrizia was one of our tutors. Patrizia was our first tutor who was very warm and welcoming which put me and my fellow students immediately at ease. The course material was extensive and logical but the way Patrizia delivered the course was brilliant.
The course was delivered with Patrizia demonstrating on one of us and then we split into small groups and practised on each other. Her extensive clinical and teaching experience was evident in how she managed to ensure that we were all doing the techniques correctly and supporting those who needed more guidance.
Her clinical experience is without question. When questions were asked she was able to answer them and in fact, she welcomed questions and to be challenged.
She was very encouraging and supportive and if you did get something wrong you were never made to feel bad about it; as it was a learning curve.
Personally, she was friendly, warm, welcoming and was happy and smiling all the time. You could tell she loved doing what she does which is very infectious.
Ceri Thomas, Ashtead, Surrey, England

As a teacher of reflexology an massage therapy Pat has years of practical insightful knowledge and understanding . She presented her classes with enthusiasm. She was always on hand to answer any questions i had. 

Patricia is a wonderful massage therapist, her quality of touch sets her apart. The combination of sensitivity and confidence she transmits through her massage give the client confidence to trust and relax deeply in her care.

This balance of strength and awareness is the most powerful lesson I received during my ITEC training with Patricia. 

I was naturally an anxious student but Patricia's patience and positivity helped me to believe in myself and become a professional therapist. I would recommend her. Amanda Mann Brighton Uk

Remembering your classes, you have a very natural, intuitive personality; easily approachable and with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Although we were obviously learning, I remember the atmosphere in your classes being very calm and comfortable as if you had invited us into your own home and were just sharing what you know with us as part of a natural conversation.
The occasional deviations from syllabus into anecdotes provided us with a well-rounded picture of the career path we were moving into and inspiration into lots of new and exciting areas to discover in the future.
Vicky Breslin UK

I studied level 3 Reflexology and Pat was my teacher. I found Pat very helpful and very knowledgeable regarding reflexology and nothing was too much trouble if I had any questions.
Also Pat has a lovely energy.
I can definitely say and feel where I am today with my reflexology business is due to my training with Pat and her belief in me.Vaughan, Gillian London