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22nd July 2024 
Online programs for the Silver and Spicy. Reverse warrior woods

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Self-care yoga, empowerment, and joyful living journey.
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This Journey is for YOU

You are a woman in your 40' 50’s and 60’s and you lost joy, sparkle, energy, direction, and purpose. (Empty nest syndrome, menopause, retirement, breakup, elderly parents etc).


You feel overwhelmed, you struggle to find time for yourself and want support creating a new flow and space to replenish your heart and soul with self-love.

You entered the Silver and Spicy age, and you don’t know who you are anymore. You are missing your me-time, nothing really excites you anymore, your body is changing and achy, and you feel lonely, uncertain, and anxious about your future.

You are committed to devoting yourself to creating new rituals of self-love and care that will support you on your journey to acceptance, acknowledgment, and forgiveness.

You want to explore the 8 pillars of self-care (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, professional, psychological, environmental) and act towards making time for yourself and shining your light.


You are ready to invest in your amazing and unique Self because you still have a deep desire to share your dreams and passions in your distinctive way.

You feel ready to leave the past behind and step into the next season of your life with your full power and radiance.

You still want to feel sexy and spicy, joyful, and sparkly.

You recognize and value the magic powers of sisterhood and of lighting each other’s fires.

Your time is now as I have created the perfect program for you.

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