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28th September 2023 
Online programs for the Silver and Spicy. Reverse warrior woods

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Be fun Be love Be yoga


A journey through Self-love, Joy and Empowerment

You will taste different aspects of Yoga, Reflexology and learn simple and powerful practices that address the7 pillars of Self-care

•Release mind and body tension.
•Find balance and joy in your life.
•Reclaim intimacy with yourself.
•Experience the magic of a daily, fun, aligned and personalized routine.
•Have a taste of Self-care Reflexology.
•Reawaken your dreams!
•Sacred women's circle for support and accountability.

You will discover the applications and benefits of:

The 7 pillars of self-care
Yoga practices (Mantras -Meditation- Pranayama)
Natural beauty tips and recipes
and many ideas on how to create and stick to what makes you feel more energized, joyful and relaxed

This course is for you if:

*You are a Silver and Spicy woman who wants to feel joyful and deserving.
*Menopause is taking its toll and you are feeling a bit isolated.
*You feel body/mind tension, stress, and anxiety. You need some me-time to work out "What next"?
*Maybe you have done yoga before (not a requirement).
*You have spent lots of time wondering "what now"?
*You want to discover your needs, reawaken your dreams and create a daily ritual of self-love and self-care.
*You want to feel part of an empowering and encouraging community of sisters and learn from each other.
*You want to be ready and grounded for the new reality you are going to create.

This is a great and fun way to discover the impact that Yoga and regular Self-care can have on your life when practiced regularly. You can start with 7 minutes a day.

You will learn and practice tools, tips, and practices to help you make the small and lasting changes that will bring you more joy, focus, and a lightness of body and mind.
You will learn what the 7 pillars of self-care are and what you can do to create more balance and joy in your life.
You will create an empowering daily routine that suits your lifestyle and will allow you the space to reconnect to your dreams and priorities.
You will experience more balance in your life.
There is power in doing this with the support of a group of like-minded, passionate, and fun-loving women.

What do you need to bring:

•Interest, curiosity, openness, desire to dedicate this time to yourself.
•Pens and paper/ journal.
•Comfy clothes, come as you are ( PJ, no make up, etc)
•Open mind/open heart.
•Willingness to participate fully. You will receive as much as you give and share.
Optional: Have relaxing music in your background if you like.

This program is focused on Self-love and Self-care and it includes:

*2 monthly live 75' Zoom session

* 1 monthly one to one mentoring call with me

*Private Facebook page where you share your questions, celebrations, tips, and support each other on this joyful journey together. This is also where I post the regular quotes and videos and where you can reach me.

*1 weekly video training

* 2 monthly yoga classes live and recorded



Contact me for more info and bookings.

Bespoke Yoga packages

In the comfort of your home, garden or online.

for a complete mind and body restoration.

5 week program My first yoga steps.
Ideal for beginners and people who want to review their foundation.

Online classes timetable 2023

Thursdays at 6.15 pm

Tuesdays at 7am

Saturdays at 10 am

I teach a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes live and online, in groups, and 1:1.
I often include pranayama, short meditations, mantras, and mudras.

Contact me for more info and bookings.


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