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25th February 2024 
From breakup to self-love. Glittering smile. Arenzano

My Yoga offerings

Be Fun Be Love Be Yoga

A women’s circle for reawakening and empowerment

This is a 9-month online transformational program and it requires A free explorative call to make sure it is the right course for you.


Are a powerful woman who has experienced heartbreaks or you are navigating one right now
Keep going back for sex with the ex
Tend to be an over pleaser
Lack self-confidence and over criticize yourself
Think you are worthy of 9 months of prioritizing yourself
Want more fun, passion, and clarity in your life
Wants to be part of an empowering sisterhood circle
Know that now it is your time to unapologetically reclaim yourself as a priority
Are committed to a happy ever after love -affair with yourself

During this very intimate journey
you will:

Discover the beliefs that prevent you from having a fulfilled and satisfying life
Build Confidence and strength in your worth
Prioritize yourself and re-direct your love energy within
Learn ways to stop the negative mind chatter
Learn yoga, reflexology, use music, books, and other healing and empowering self-care practices
Find comfort and appreciation for your body
Belong to an intimate, caring, and supportive group of women
Create a magical place of connection for your heart and passions
Become the woman of your dreams


The fear of expressing your truths
Guilt, self-criticism, and self-judgment
The fear of being or staying alone
The need to overplease
The need of begging for love


Confidence in expressing your mind
More self-acceptance, love and appreciation
A strong sense of sisterhood that will support you on your journey to self-love
Clarity about what your heart and body need
Awareness and confidence in your inner strength and beauty
Space to explore and enjoy self-care
More vitality, lightness, and joy

This is a deeply transformative, experiential, and practical course where you will learn a beautiful and nourishing system to fall in love with yourself.

It includes:

Yoga practices:
• Asanas
Specific Meditations
• Pranayama
• Mantras

Ayurveda practices
Self-care massage/reflexology
Homemade Beauty recipes
Fun and playful activities
Parties and use of music, movies, and books
Journaling prompts
Surprise guest speakers

2 x month Live Zoom (Recorded in case you miss it)
1 x month one to one 45’ Clarity call with me, focusing on your goals and successes
1 monthly new moon Sisterhood circle. On or around the new moon. Dates and days will vary. Recorded for those who cannot attend.
FB private Support and Accountability group to share questions, celebrate successes and for my weekly lives.

Starts TBC 2022

Book A free explorative call here and find out if this is what you are looking for.

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