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12th August 2022 
My Yoga journey. yoga. io con braccia in alto


Be fun, Be love, Be yoga

You have all heard of Yoga and Yoga means something different for each of us.

For some it is a way to keep fit, to keep anxiety at bay, to express their spirituality, or to deal with a very personal emotional, or physical issue. For some is Hatha or Vinyasa or Power. For some is Meditation, Pranayama, or chanting Mantras.

Yoga is all the above, Yoga means union, Yoga is a precious gift that keeps on giving.

The way we practice changes over the course of a lifetime and the beauty is that we can always find an expression of it that suits our present age, body, mind, and soul needs.
I love yoga because it is really for everyone and it has a spiritual connotation that sets it aside from all other forms of exercise but you don't have to be spiritual or religious to practice. It is a very inclusive practice.

I have never been a very sporty or athletic girl. When younger, I never practiced anything long enough to make it have an impact on my body or mind, but I always knew that if one day, I would stick to something, it would be Yoga.

Yoga found me at 20 after my boyfriend died and I can say that it was a lifesaver. Yoga became my anchor as it kept my mind and heart from exploding and losing control. It also contributed to generating enough courage to leave Italy and move to London 3 years later.

During my 54 years, Yoga and all its gifts like Meditation, Mantra chanting, and Pranayama supported me through many life challenges from the death of a boyfriend at 20, family illnesses, sad breakups, and transitioning from country to country, allowing me to keep my balance, focus, and strength.

My tendency was to start and stop until 2013 when I started to commit to 2 to 5 classes a week and then I became a teacher in 2017, at 50.
During the teacher training my known world fell apart. My then-boyfriend decided to break up with me and told me on the way to the airport. It was a longish distance relationship and I was flying home. It was totally unexpected and it happened after spending together Christmas and New year.

That date 07.01.17 has become the start of my new life. I did not then of course, as I thought it was the end. hahaha!!

I was going through menopause symptoms like sweats, not sleeping (the break u did not help), and major joint pain.
In April that year, I turned 50 whohoo and my granny, who has played a major part of my life till then, died a few days later.

Yoga was already in my life and it was my boat and my anchor for all these "strong winds" that life blew over me.
This is why I am so passionate about sharing my journey and the tools that supported me and kept me grounded.

I now teach a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes live and online, in groups and 1:1.
I often include pranayama and short meditations.

My clients are from different backgrounds and have different physical abilities. We do not aim at walking with our hands or putting our feet behind the neck but to keep ourselves supple, flexible, alert, joyful, and better equipped for dealing with what life throws at us.

We like the group feeling that it is created and that keeps us committed, even online. Total Magic!!
I believe in the power of laughter and of not taking anything too seriously, especially ourselves so the occasional joke is allowed.

I also offer online short group courses that explore the different aspects of Yoga and help people create a quick and sustainable routine and personal space that support their body and mind.

This is a great and fun way to discover the impact that Yoga can have on your life when practiced regularly. You can start with 7 minutes a day and you will do so with the support of a group of like-minded people.

I offer 6/9 and12 months one-to-one online courses for committed students who want to dive deep into the practice of yoga and are looking for a lasting transformation. This is tailor-made to your own personal needs, so I support you on the journey you choose. It is online so we can meet wherever you are in the world.

Up coming event 4 week online course


Self-love, laughter, and Healing Journey

•Release mind and body tension
•Reclaim your inner time and space
•Experience the magic of a daily, fun, and personalized routine
•Learn Self-help Reflexology
•Reawaken your dreams!
•Sacred Sisterhood circle for support and accountability

We will explore:
Yoga- Mantras -Mudras- Meditation- Pranayama- Journaling- Reflexology and natural beauty tips

This program is focused on Self-love and Self-care and it includes:

*One weekly live 75' Zoom session where you will learn tools, tips, and practices to help you make the small and lasting changes that will bring you more joy, focus, and a lightness of body and mind. You will create a routine that suits your lifestyle. There is power in doing this with a group of like-minded, fun-loving women.

*Private Facebook page where we share our questions, celebrations, tips, and support each other on this joyful journey together.

*1 weekly video training


When and where?

2022 dates TBC. Weekly zoom training onlline.

Contact me for more info or bookings.

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