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22nd April 2021 

General Reflexology -Pre/during and post pregnancy- Reflexology for Lymph Drainage

Whenever stress and tension are present reflexology can be effective and the benefits are well documented.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that applies gentle pressure to reflexes on the feet & hands that are believed to correspond to areas and organs of the body.
It can bring about deep relaxation helping you to return to a state of balance & well-being. It improves mood, it aids sleep, helps relieve tension and generally increases a sense of lightness and positive outlook.

Most clients report that a reflexology treatment is wonderfully relaxing and soothing, many people fall asleep and there is often and increase of energy.
Your first treatment will last 1 hour 15 mins, consisting of a medical and lifestyle consultation. This allows us to tailor the treatment to your needs.
Each following session will last an hour and the regularity of treatments will help you keeping stress and anxiety away.
Many clients book a regular weekly or fortnightly session as a preventative measure, to keep their systems balanced and avoid stress and its effects.

Reflexology can be used during some fertility treatments and during pregnancy. You can receive the sessions in the privacy of your home or at the clinics in Chelsea or Clapham Junction.