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28th September 2023 

Reflexology courses online

Awaken your inner healer


• A complete Self Foot Reflexology sequence that you can also apply and teach to family, friends, or a romantic partner.
• Main hand reflexology points for shoulders, anxiety, backache, stomach, and general relaxation.
It Can be used on buses and trains, at the cinema or before an interview.

• The powerful relationship between your body and mind and how you can affect it with reflexology or yoga.
• A few simple yoga sequences for back and neck release, good digestion, relaxation, and anxiety relief.
No previous experience or flexibility is necessary.

•What reflexology and yoga have in common and why they combine so well.


•The magic power of REGULARLY saying YES to yourself and your needs.
•Empowered by choosing to give yourself the time and love you deserve.
•Inspired and challenged by learning a new skill in a fun and supported environment.
•Connected with new like-minded people in a relaxed and inclusive way.
•Confident in applying reflexology to family and friends.
•The joy of spending quality time with your body and soul.

This course is for you if:
•You are ready to say yes to YOU. Your self-care, your time, your space, and your passion.
•You recognize di importance of filling your cup first.
•You are curious about reflexology and/or yoga and you know that now is the right time to explore their benefits.

•You are an absolute beginner or have little experience.
•You are a yoga teacher and want to use reflexology to care about your feet and body and you want to offer that little
extra personal touch to your students.
•You just want to learn something new and meet new people.

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